Star Journal News, Commissioner James O'Neill

East Brooklyn: Star Journal News Publisher and NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill

Star Journal News, Commissioner James O'Neill
Approved By Lisa Washington (Photo Credit: Shake Speare) NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill with Lisa Washington Star Journal News Publisher

New York City Police Department’s new Commissioner James (Jimmy) O’ Neill spends a few minutes with Lisa Washington, Publisher of Star Journal News.   

The common ground between them, both are born and raised in East Brooklyn and both “down to earth,” as the saying goes.

Jimmy first started out as a transit cop, working his way up through the ranks in law enforcement while staying true to his core values of what a good cop should aspire to; values instilled by his mother Helen, who taught him about certain ideals.

Some of O’Neill’s more elite law enforcement positions around New York City led him to be commanding officer of the more prestigious 25th, 44th and Central Park precincts.

Central Park is one of New York’s popular tourist destination points and the Publisher of Star Journal News Visitor’s Guide is pleased that the new NYPD Commissioner has a real working knowledge of the importance of keeping New York tourism hot spots safe for all of us.




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